There are many questions begging to be answered. However, there is one question that is
the basis for all others. Anatomically modern humans appeared roughly 200,000 years ago.
For 150,000 years there was little difference between what has been called archaic
humans and modern ones.Their tool kits were basically the same and there is little evidence
that they behaved differently.

Then roughly 50,000 years ago in the relative blink of an eye all that changed. Creativity
for the sake of creativity burst onto the scene and totally engulfed what is generally
acknowledged as a small population.

Notes From Kaufman County

  Lesson From a Black Master

cigarette_handsmallIn 1962, as a nine year-old, I was firmly convinced that dire consequences awaited any male of the human species sporting unshorn locks three Mondays in a row. Why else would I and every male I knew, man or boy, have to traipse down to the local barber shop every two weeks for a haircut. Fortunately, barbershops held some strange allure for me. Here was a man’s place, completely devoid of any female influence. I loved my mother, tolerated my sisters and I even had friends who were girls. However, it was somewhat of a strain maintaining what was considered acceptable behavior in the eyes of the fairer sex. Judging from the conversations of the other patrons,they were not very successful at it either.

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16 Steps to a Successful Project
Written by Dan O'Connor   
Monday, 17 May 2010 07:21

1) Approach your project with joy and anticipation.

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Building a Foundation Part 3-We all live on a Rare Earth
Written by Dan O'Connor   
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 08:05

There can be no discussion of foundations without talking about the ultimate foundation-The Earth we live on.
I am a proponent of the Rare Earth Hypothesis. Basically it states that complex life in our galaxy is very, very rare. In a word-US
Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of alien races and space travel. When I was younger I read a lot of science fiction. I still read it from time to time.

Imagination is Paramount
My main fascination with it, along with the fantasy genre (Lord of the Rings and such) is the sheer imagination of it.There are few constraints placed on the author. As long as he builds a realistic world and the reasons behind it, I am hooked.

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swordsmithI have been making blades for over thirty years. Here we explore the world of the ancient Japanese Swordsmiths primarily using hand tools. Fire, hammer and steel combine to make the beautiful but deadly art form of the Nihonto. We learn the basics of setting up a forge to creating a beautiful temper line.

Notes from Kaufman County

notesOver the years I have kept a record of people, places, things and events that are examples of the spirit of the life that surrounds us all. I will not try to describe it. Simply go there and stay if you like what you find. Leave if you don't. Some stories are true, some are pure fiction and some I am not sure.