dscn2271OK Ya'll-Here is where the rubber meets the road. The links here is what makes it possible for me to keep making stuff and then telling you how it is done. I will be upfront with you-I love Amazon. If it is available from them that is where I buy it. Heavy machinery, books, food, vitamins-you name it I buy it. I use the review section even if I am buying it locally.

Soulbuilders Store is items I have selected-most of them I have used myself. Others such as camera lenses are from brands in which I have lot of confidence. Books are those that I have read. There is an Amazons wish list here as well. This is your wish list not mine. I do not receive any compensation to put these on my site but if you buy something through any of these links I get a small percentage. I don't run any ads on this site. So if you need something anyway come here and buy it. E-mail me if you want to know more or have a comment about anything I have placed here .